The October Playlist

The monthly update on smash hits and rare tunes in media and communication studies. A personal collection.


Gearing up for the AoIR in Berlin next week, SAGE offers a special selection of articles from Big Data & Society, Social Media + Society, Global Media and China, and Digital Health for your free perusal.

Some highly accessible highlights:
Hands on Data: Kennedy, Helen; Poell, Thomas; van Dijck, José (2015). “Data and Agency.” Big Data & Society 2(2): 1-7.

New Media+New Movements=New Research? Neumayer, Christina; Rossi, Luca (2016). “15 Years of Protest and Media Technologies Scholarship: A Sociotechnical Timeline.” Social Media + Society 2(3): 1-13.

[Of Note: Kaun, Anne; Kyriakidou, Maria; Uldam, Julie (2016). “Political Agency at the Digital Crossroads.” Media and Communication 4(4): 1-7.]

Positions on Social Media: Manifesto Virtual Special issue,  edited  by Zizi Papacharissi.

Publics and Mobilities – Mimi Sheller special

Sheller, Mimi; Urry, John (2003). “Mobile Transformations of `public’ and `private’ Life.” Theory, Culture & Society 20(3): 107-125.

Sheller, Mimi (2004). “Mobile Publics: Beyond the Network Perspective.” Environmental Studies 22(1): 39-52.

Sheller, Mimi; Urry, John (2006). “The New Mobilities Paradigm.” Environment and Planning 38: 207-226.

Sheller, Mimi (2015). “News Now: Interface, Ambience, Flow, and the Disruptive Spatio-Temporalities of Mobile News Media.” Journalism Studies 16(1): 12-26.


A scholar’s legacy: Kevin Barnhurst (2016). Mr Pulitzer and the Spider. Modern News from Realism to the Digital.

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