Ten Good Reasons for Doing Media Theory (again)

I am very happy to be part of the editorial board of Media Theory, a new and fully open access academic journal to be launched in September 2017. Simon Dawes has been networking and arguing and drumming up support for this initiative. And judging from the scope represented in the advisory board, we cover all fields from art history to software studies, from critical theory to philosophy. Thumbs up for an accessible and lively forum that takes open access to a new level. Watch the blog.

From the inaugural issue, here are my ten propositions why we should be doing media theory (again).

  1. Media Theory Is Transnational
  2. Media Theory Is Interdisciplinary
  3. Media Theory Can Be Applied
  4. Theory Has a Context (and a Motivation)
  5. Media Theory Is Not a Field
  6. Debate Needs Positions (but Positions Are Not Everything)
  7. Define Medium/a
  8. Media Are Everywhere (but Not Everything Is Media)
  9. What Media Theory Is Not About
  10. Media Theory Is Open Access

Read more at: http://mediatheoryjournal.org/christoph-raetzsch-10-propositions-for-doing-media-theory-again/

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