Raetzsch Against the Machine

Criticism around and beyond technology. With a perspective.


The Fallacy of Social Media – to be social or to be social©, that was the question.

The repeated transfer of existing cultural forms to new contexts enables us to cope with rapid change and development. Practices create a new certainty through simple repetition; they create continuity even if they are illogical, irrational or haphazard.


Panic America – An exploration of how panic can be seen as a pathological expression of a productive social force.

America is the testing ground for the limits of the threshold of panic, constantly shifting the balance between productive self-interest and disastrous self-interest.


Taming the Land – How do habitat, movement and emptiness characterize the American relation to place and why do communications media become so vital to negotiate distance.

With communication technology at their hands, the pilgrims today would be arranging accommodation beforehand, pack clothes appropriately and visit only those famous landmarks that the guide book recommended. It’s no longer an adventure but instead of “dying in droves” they would be dining in the groves of tame land.


The Promise of an Island – A techno-futuro-ideological review of “The Island” by Michael Bay. Includes the question what utopian visions tell about the present of their making.

In “The Island” the regulation of drives reflects the sedating power of consumption, which privileges the immediately available over the unrealistically utopian. The island in the film is an animated vision of a common hope, a constantly actualized common reference point for all entrapped in the netherworld of daily doses of moderate consumption.


Time (Part 2) and Time (Part 3)

Yes, there was Part 1 but that was just a teaser. Two essays on the perception of time. Part 2 addresses the relation of communication intensity to knowledge production. Part 3 comments on the time-sensitive musical art of William Basinski.


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