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Since September 2019, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies of Aarhus University in Denmark. My research is focused on the intersections of media technologies with journalistic and communicative practices. 

In my current research, I am developing a model for the circulation of communicative objects  and new infrastructures of publics as they emerge between online and offline networks of actors. This addresses new interdisciplinary approaches to understanding co-creation processes in publics, logics of digital networked systems and their intersections with organizational modes of innovation and governance.

In particular, I work on these three research areas:

  1. Media Practice and Performative Publics
    Develop the concept of media practice into an empirical approach to understanding how journalistic communication is embedded and contested in non-journalistic forms of public communication, and how both adjust and react to each other. The goal is to connect an analysis of journalistic practices of communication to an analysis of performative publics which emerge from the quotidian embedding of media technologies with practices of communication.
  2. Communicative Objects and Infrastructures of Publics
    The concept of communicative objects foregrounds that online communication uses standardised object types which can be inserted into different meaning-making processes and interpretive communities. Being able to understand both the digital encoding and the infrastructures in which such objects circulate is a prerequisite for investigating how new types of publics emerge and interact with journalism. The area is centrally concerned with best practices for developing digital methods for non-expert users.
  3. Journalism as Cultural Form in Comparative Perspectives
    Contextualize journalism as a specifically modern cultural form of public communication within journalism and media history. Building on the idea of journalism as a ‘structure of public communication’ , the research area investigates the practices through which journalists have imagined their audiences and defended their relevance for the constitution of publics. This concerns the ways in which audiences are addressed, as well as new media technologies which are embedded in journalistic practice.

Previously, I was interim professor for Digitization and Participation (2019)  at the Institute of Media and  Communication Studies of Freie Universität Berlin and a research fellow at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society – The German Internet Institute (September-November 2018). Previously I held positions as post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University (DK) in the project OrganiCity and worked as researcher, lecturer and science manager at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies of Freie Universität Berlin.

I obtained my PhD at the Graduate School of North American Studies Berlin (2009-2014) with a dissertation on “Journalistic Practices and the Cultural Valuation of New Media”. This study laid out a framework of practice theory to describe changes in journalism and public communication as new technologies emerge. The study looked comparatively at the emergence of the penny press (1830s), the adoption of photography in journalism(1890s), and the challenge of network media to broadcast journalism (2000s). I was  a visiting scholar in 2007 at Doshisha University Kyoto and have been inspired (forever) by the concept of media archaeology and film history while I was at the University of Amsterdam (2004/5).

Apart from reviewing for German and international journals, publishers and associations, I was Vice Chair of the Digital Culture and Communication Section (2014-2016) in the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). I am also founding member of the open access journal Media Theory.

Publications: http://raetzsch.berlin/professional/publications/

Contact:  http://raetzsch.berlin/contact/

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