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Creating Publics: Journalism in Comparative Perspective

This summer term, I am teaching a seminar on Creating Publics: Journalism in Comparative Perspective. The basic aim is to critically evaluate the historical, technological and cultural connections between  journalism and concepts of publics. Instead of perpetuating the close alignment of journalism, publics and democracy, the focus in this seminar will be on a contextualized reflection of concepts of publics, the role and practices of journalists, their audiences and media of communication. We are interested in the changing conditions that continuously uphold journalism as a social structure of public communication. Follow the course via #createpublics or check the assigned texts. And yes, structural transformations of the public sphere will be addressed. In English.

Block 1:     Critical Concepts, Histories and Theories of Publics

27 April    Prehistory of the Bourgeois Public Sphere
4 May    The Ideal of the Public Sphere and Public Opinion
11 May    Critique of the Public Sphere, Mass Media and Pluralization
18 May    The Reading Audience of News
  • Leonard, Thomas C. (1995). News for All: Americaʼs Coming-of-Age with the Press. Oxford University Press. Part One The Creation of an Audience. p. 3-46
25 May    The Networked Public
1 June    The End of Journalistic Hegemony?

8 June    no session

Block 2: Publics and their Media

15 June    News and the Newspaper
22 June    Satellite Publics
  • Carey, James W. (1980). “Changing Communications Technology and the Nature of the Audience.” Journal of Advertising 9(2): 3-9, 43.
  • Arceneaux, Noah (2013). “News on the Air: The New York Herald, Newspapers, and Wireless Telegraphy, 1899–1917.” American Journalism 30(2): 160-181.
29 June    Journalism and the Network
  • Dahlgren, Peter (1996). “Media Logic in Cyberspace: Repositioning Journalism and Its Publics.” Javnost – The Public 3(3): 59-72.
  • boyd, danah. (2011). “Social Network Sites as Networked Publics: Affordances, Dynamics, and Implications.” A Networked Self: Identity, Community and Culture on Social Network Sites, edited by Zizi Papacharissi, 39-58. New York: Routledge

Block 3: Publics in Transnational Perspective

6 July    Transnational Publics and the Arab Spring

… guest and text announcement follows

13 July        subject to be determined